I had a wonderful time at the book launch for 'The Quiddity of Will Self' (see previous post). Thank you so much to Sam Mills for inviting me! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to chat to other authors, reviewers and publishers.

Before the event I spent a few hours wandering around trying not to get too lost in London. In this brief time I discovered - that it's a bad idea to stop and tie your shoelace while walking through the underground tunnels, that London is too busy to successfully write and walk at the same time and that I tend to walk in the opposite direction to everyone else... I did however find some refuge by tucking myself into a corner where I could happily scribble away accompanied by the music of a nearby busker.

At the launch I met some of Sam's publishing team from Constable & Robinson. Luckily they liked my review and have agreed to send me more books to review! Yay! I believe first on the list will be 'The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making' by Catherynne M. Valente, which is due for publication 7th June. Judging by the title and blurb it looks set to be a good read!

So, there will be be future reviews appearing here. In the meantime, my review of 'Paper Town' by John Green is currently on the Milton Keynes Library Website.

While I'm here - a quick reminder that it is World Book Night tomorrow! Enjoy!